What is Gyu-kotsu (Beef Bone Broth) Ramen?

It’s Local signature noodle in Tottori Prefecture of Japan.

Gyu-kotsu ramen has been popular for more than 60 years and is said to have its roots in the Manchurian cuisine that was introduced after the World War II.

At present, there are more than 100 Gyu-kotsu Ramen restaurants in Tottori Prefecture.
It features soup made from beef bone broth.
There are differences in how to make soup depending on the restaurant, but the soup with the umami, sweetness, and aroma unique to beef is the biggest feature.

The long-established “Komitoku (Kamitoku)” which has a long history in Tottori prefecture is a famous Gyu-kotsu ramen shop in the prefecture.

The soup made by the same method for 60 years has a nostalgic and deep taste.

Please enjoy a bowl filled with soul!

Beefy Wild Ramen

History of Kamitoku Ramen

KAMITOKU was founded in a small town “Akasaki” of Tohaku-gun, Tottori Prefecture on 1949.
The previous owner started serving Gyu-kotsu (beef born broth) ramen learned at Shogetsu, the original Gyu-kotsu ramen restaurant in the central part of the Tottori prefecture from around 1952.
KAMITOKU keeps the original taste through generations. The ramen has a long history.

Message from Kamitoku Owner

  • Everyone may think that “Gyu-kotsu” ramen is unusual.
    But, it is very popular in Tottori Prefecture of Japan.
  • Please enjoy Gyu-kotsu soup which has umami (savory), some sweetness and aroma.
    You will love it the more you eat.
  • Our “Char-siu” is made from beef.
    Served in “Aburi (grilled)” style, it has been slowly simmered in special soy sauce.
  • There is a small amount of black pepper as topping,
    We put it in order to maximize the flavor and taste of the beef.
    Please let us to know if you prefer not to have it.
  • We highly recommend you to make risotto after finishing noodles.
    Please mix with rice and enjoy our “Gyu-kotsu” soup till the very last sip of it.
    It is incredibly tasty!