Beefy Wild

Why am I so creamy?
The wild broth is emulsified to be creamy and rich.
100% beef bone broth ,no dairy so don’t worry !
Plenty beef umami and sweetness will give you unforgettable taste.

Beefy Shoyu Lite

our original shoyu ramen since 1949.

Beefy Spicy

This is More spicy than you think!

Beefy Miso

Hybrid of Beef and red miso soup

Beefy Shoyu

The Great taste of dark soy sauce and hint of bonito

Beefy TanTan

Mild spiciness and creamy sesame are in love♡

Beefy Yuzu

Aromatic Japanese citrus “Yuzu”Flavor

Beefy Seabura

Creamy Shoyu broth with stewed beef back fat.Wow!!

Beefy Aburasoba

Soup-less noodle served with our original shoyu and flavored oil. Mix everything and enjoy this yummy mess!

Beefy Tsukemen

Chewy noodle with creamy shoyu dipping sauce

Vegetarian Ramen

Soupless vegetarian ramen, sesame dressing.

Tottori – Japan


Original Beef Bone Broth ramen with a history of over 60 years.



Robust beef broth a Tottori standard

Kamitoku Shiro

Robust, full flavored beef broth with a red sauce

Kamitoku Syoyu

Your favorite shoyu flavor, with a bit of bonito luv!

Gyukotsu Tantanmen

Spicy sesame broth & beef broth with ground beef

Gyukotsu Miso

Beef broth red miso tasty ramen

Gyukotsu Tsukemen

Dip deep, have a delicious flavor